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Dolly goes to bloom

Well,  were just back from Bloom in the Park in Dublins Pheonix Park !  I shared the stand with a lovely pal of mine Opal rayner  .And I must say after nearly  five hours of two dizzy fleas of crafts women, finally realising they’d brought two vintage dressers... read more

Feeling floral Friday !

Spring is in the air … Well a bit anyway!  Just making a batch of floral corsages in our weeh shop besides the sea side, the secret garden in Kinvara .  Vintage bed sheets and wooly blankets come in very handy when I’m poodling  away in my... read more

I must write my blog !!!

Hello Bigbelles !  Today’s task is to finally start my blog ! With the intention of trying make some sort of sense and order to my hectic ,creative child filled life ! You never know if might actually work !  So this is the beginning . Thankfully I... read more

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